Welcome to my Site!

Hi, y'all!  I am glad you've visited my site. I hope to be able to provide some introductory information from my own experiences in direct sales, network marketing, and similar activities.


I began a serious look into it in 2013, with a few dabbles since the 1990's. I found a huge learning curve that I had to surmount in order to get started. And, I got caught in the hype from some of the gurus.

During that time I was also in recovery from chronic diseases, with last year leading to hospitalization. I say that not for your pity or inspiration, but as a caution to take care of yourself, and know the limits of your compassion. Then, you may provide assistance towards others. 

I found that I have benefited the most from blogging, and will begin again soon. This "Welcome" page is in that same format, but may change, or not.  I hope you can benefit from it, too.


Check back to see any added links to the blog or other pages. I'll plan to update them this week! 

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